Health and Wellbeing

Ensure healthy lives and wellbeing for all

Thanks to US-based and Philippine-based volunteers, we are able to map out the needs of GK communities, implement pilot programs and scale them up over 2-3 years. We fundraise to purchase medicine, equipment, seedlings, and provide stipends and travel grants to local community and US-based staff and volunteers.

Promoting holistic wellness mean taking care of the different aspects of well-being including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community. GK wants to focus on interventions that are pivotal to ending poverty for our family beneficiaries.

Current Fundraisers for Health & Wellbeing


GK Urban Gardens - a fight against chilhood malnutrition 

The Urban Garden project began as an internship project which has now grown to include over 200 families in the greater metropolitan Manila area. 

The program aims to identify GK communities with children suffering from malnutrition, and provides vegetable seedlings for residents to grow them as a source of sustenance. Volunteers not only procure, prepare and distribute these seedlings to communities at need, they also obtain baseline nutrition metrics, provide guidance on how to prepare these vegetables as meals, and take periodic measurements to track the progress of participants throughout the program.