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Family First, Community Always: Clipse Iriberri’s Gawad Kalinga Story

Updated: Jun 17

Clipse Iriberri is an excellent example of fatherhood and dedication within the Gawad Kalinga (GK) community. Known for his tireless work ethic and deep commitment, Clipse's journey and growth with GK has been both personal and professional.

Growing up in Surigao, his parents were leaders in the local GK community, and they frequently took him along to various GK activities. Despite initially feeling as though he had no choice but to be involved, this early exposure turned out for the better. Even as he pursued higher education in Manila, Clipse remained deeply connected to GK. One of his earlier achievements was persuading his university to adopt GK Promiseland in Smokey Mountain. 

Today, Clipse shares his life with his wife Donna, whom he met through GK, and their two children, Luna and Ravi (and a third one on the way!). Donna, who once worked with GK and now serves in a government institution, fully supports Clipse’s mission-driven work. They have a shared belief in the importance of community and want to expose their children to the work that they do. "Having a partner that not just understands, but fully supports my work-mission, makes it less stressful and more fulfilling," Clipse shares. This family dynamic shows how committed they are to helping and being in line with one another.

Clipse's journey with GK began in 2011. He was first tasked with managing a project partnership between GK and a major microfinance company where he helped support 25 GK communities nationwide. His responsibilities expanded to leading the Movement Building Department in NCR, Central Luzon, and Northern regions before asking to be relocated to Mindanao in 2017 with the intent to marry Donna. Today, he serves as the Area Team Leader for the entire Southern Mindanao GK operations. 

Clipse loves how GK works with pure intentions. He finds joy in the simple pleasures of traveling, driving, and exploring new cultures and cuisines, all while serving the community. "I love doing GK because its intentions are pure… It's pure service to God and country," says Clipse. Outside of his GK involvement, Clipse had a passion for basketball and music, and he even aspired to be in a band.

Using his talents and love for music, Clipse now composes songs for Gawad Kalinga and even has a Spotify account! (Link attached below.)

Clipse admits the reality that "There is no such thing as balance. There will always be compromises." He talks about the difficulties of being away on missions and the struggles of managing virtual meetings with noisy children in the background. However, he also finds ways to integrate his family into his work by bringing them along on trips and immersions. As a very busy and dedicated father, this allows him to fulfill his duties while staying present with his family.

Clipse believes deeply in the importance of immersing his children in his work. He brings them to GK sites whenever possible, helping them learn from real-world experiences. According to Clipse, "Being in a GK Community, immersing them is one of my life's greatest fulfillment as a parent". He aims not only to expose his children to his work but educate them on why he does it in hopes of them wanting to become compassionate and caring individuals when they grow up. 

Clipse hopes to create a safe environment where people outdo one another in caring and sharing. He also wants to fulfill his life's mission of being a beacon of God's love and compassion. His journey, deeply intertwined with GK, is a testament to the power of community, family, and unwavering dedication to service.

Clipse Iriberri's journey is a wonderful story of how the values of Gawad Kalinga can shape and inspire individuals to lead lives of purpose, compassion, and commitment while also prioritizing one's family. 

Watch a Video about Clipse Here: 

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