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KNK Matnog, Sorsogon – Feeding children across the sea

Almost two years after the COVID pandemic started, the Philippines is still in community quarantine. Some areas have more restrictions than others but it cannot be denied how much this affected the economy of the Philippines. Many of the businesses particularly in food and retail had to adapt by doing online business with skeletal force to avoid closure. Badly affected in all of these are the families of daily wage earners. More children are experiencing hunger because their parents have lost their source of livelihood.

But it is during these dismal situations that caring and generosity is most felt. Thanks to Kusina ng Kalinga (care kitchen) volunteers, 342 children from five areas in Matnog, Sorsogon are now being fed nutritious hot meals prepared daily and brought directly to their homes or in feeding areas near the children’s homes.

This Care kitchen in Matnog was made possible by the concerted efforts of LB Charitable and Sikad Orange County through GK USA and LGU of Matnog, Sorsogon.

Matnog, Sorsogon is a coastal area and can only be reached by riding a boat so the kitchen manager, Jing Gablon along with other volunteers have to cross the sea weekly to purchase ingredients and the other needs of the kitchen.

The volunteers from five areas ( Genablan Oriental, Genablan Occidental, Sinang Atan, Bon-ot Small and Bon-ot Big) also have to ride the boat daily to be able to distribute the hot meals to the children.

Some nearby beneficiaries also go to the community care kitchen to get the hot meals for the children. Some of the children eat in a feeding areain their community which is set up by the local partners. Younger children are assisted by their parents or guardians while eating.

When people truly care, no distance -- nor the sea --can hinder caring. Indeed, hunger ends where caring begins.

You too, can support projects like this and make a big impact on the lives of those who are most vulnerable. Join GK USA by supporting us monthly. Giving a little goes a long way because small efforts lead to big impact.

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