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Nourishing Hope: GK USA Seattle and Ateneo Cervini-Eliazo Batch ’87 Unite for GK Arkong Bato Village Volunteer Activity

In a heartwarming demonstration of community spirit and shared dedication to making a difference, GK USA Seattle and Ateneo Cervini-Eliazo Batch '87 recently joined forces for a volunteer activity on January 6. This collaborative effort left enduring smiles on the faces of GK Arkong Bato Village beneficiaries in Kapitoyo, Pasig City, Philippines. Since the establishment of GK Arkong Bato in 2002, 235 families, once facing homelessness, have found not just shelter but a place they can truly call home, belonging to a safe and caring community where most residents are employed, and the children are pursuing education, including a scholar from St. Benilde-DLSU, a prominent university in the Philippines.

Kusina ng Kalinga Feeding Program

and More:

The highlight of the volunteer activity was the "Kusina ng Kalinga" (Kitchen of Care) feeding program, where nutritious meals were prepared and distributed to the residents of GK Arkong Bato Village. This initiative not only filled stomachs but also nurtured a sense of community and solidarity.


In addition to the feeding program, the volunteers organized a book drive that brought the joy of reading to the village's children. Games and a lively reading session further enriched the day, providing not just sustenance but also a holistic experience for the beneficiaries.


Special Guest: Fr. Ben Nebres:

The event was graced by Fr. Ben Nebres, a long-time GK advocate and former President of the Ateneo de Manila University. His inspiring words and  firm commitment to the Gawad Kalinga cause have played a pivotal role in moving individuals like Jinkee Braza, to contribute to positive change.

Jinkee Braza's Inspirational Journey:


Jinkee's interest in GK was sparked by the stories shared by her uncle, Fr. Nebres.  These opened her eyes, hands, and heart to helping those in need. Discovering the depth and breadth of the mission at the September 2023 GK Conference in Houston, she lost no time in contacting her former dormmates from Ateneo like Jourdan Polotan and Georgia Ongsiapco, in Manila to introduce them to GK.

A Growing Force for Good:

As they stood side by side with 13 volunteers, including other GK USA members, the group realized the transformative impact they could collectively achieve. They understand that, bit by bit, through their combined efforts, they can contribute to the fight against poverty.


The Power of Community:

The volunteers actively participated in food preparation and distribution, witnessing the genuine gratitude of the community they served. The experience left an indelible mark on both the beneficiaries and the volunteers, fostering a desire to continue their journey of making a positive impact.


Looking Ahead: Education and Sustainable Solutions:

Buoyed by the success of this initiative, the volunteers are eager to participate in poverty-alleviating programs. Their vision includes expanding beyond feeding to address the holistic needs of the community. Education for the young, as well as initiatives focused on providing sustainable means of income to families in need, are on their horizon.


In their shared commitment, GK USA Seattle and Ateneo Cervini-Eliazo Batch '87 exemplify the power of community, proving that even small acts of kindness can create ripples of positive change. As they look forward to future endeavors, their message is clear: together, we can build a brighter and more equitable future for all.


You too can make a difference in the lives of others. Join us in our journey to create positive change by becoming a member of GK USA.

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