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GK Ark of Noah Drainage Project

The residents of GK Ark of Noah relocated from temporary shelters along the railroad tracks of Bocaue and moved to their current location thanks to the generosity of a local doctor. The community subsequently organized itself with the help of Gawad Kalinga, and has been patiently waiting for permanent homes for the last ten years.


GK USA-Boston committed to helping Ark of Noah in 2015, successfully funding homes for all 78 families in the community, with the help of donors both in the United States and the Philippines.  Today, GK USA-Boston continues to work with GK Ark of Noah as they work towards staying out of poverty.

One vital component of our well-rounded approach to bringing a community out of poverty is drainage and flood prevention. Working with local government, we identified vital drainage improvements needed to prevent flooding at the community. Flooding will prevent the building of additional homes and endanger the 40 homes that have already been built on-site. And because GK Ark of Noah is built on private property (with lots purchased and owned by each family) local government cannot cover the cost of this drainage work.

We are therefore reaching out to potential donors such as the Leisure & Resorts World Foundation for help to cover the cost, in whole or in part, of the drainage repair work at Ark of Noah. The total cost of the repair is PhP1,682,928.00 based on the formal estimate from the Bocaue Municipal Engineer (attached). All donations can be coursed through Gawad Kalinga Philippines, and is fully tax-deductible. Please click on the Paypal Donate Button below to make an online donation. 

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