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A Message from our Executive Director, Maricel B. Villanueva and our Chairman, Jose Raffinan, Jr., MD


March 22, 2020

To our GK USA Family,


These are uncertain, trying times.  COVID-19 (coronavirus) has impacted all of us and our loved ones, and even more so, the poverty-stricken communities in the world.


In the Philippines, Gawad Kalinga has been monitoring communities and conducting virtual meetings, and will continue to do so until movement restrictions are lifted and the GK teams are authorized to leave their homes to serve.


GK USA has cancelled all events and gatherings, but this work for and with the poor does not stop when times are tough.  Please be assured that we are in constant communications with GK Philippines and are here to respond to your requests and concerns. 


For its initial efforts, Gawad Kalinga will focus on two fronts: Hunger and Health.


We will share more information on specific interventions as soon as these are ready to be implemented.  In the meantime, let us take this time to pause and reflect, to take care of ourselves and one another, and to pray for everyone’s health and safety, especially front-liners and providers of essential services.


Yes, anxiety and fear may have gripped the hearts of many.  But we are still seeing an abundance of goodness and kindness. Even without handshakes, people across communities and nations are finding creative ways to lend a hand.


So, as we observe physical distancing measures, let us stay connected to each other through our mission to end poverty and build sharing and caring communities.

You may find updates of our efforts on our GK USA Facebook page as well.


There is hope that together, we can get through this and discover a better, kinder world --- one we have always envisioned.  


Walang Iwanan! 

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