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Kusina ng Kalinga (Care Kitchens)

To end hunger among Filipino children

Kusina ng Kalinga (KnK Care Kitchens) is a child feeding program implemented across 50 kitchens in the Philippines and is the focus of GK USA's Be a Hunger Warrior campaign. KnK kitchens cook daily nutritious, vegetable-based lunch meals for almost 25,000 at-risk children in communities, in public schools, in the streets, and in conflict or disaster-stricken areas to end hunger and malnutrition. But just as hunger is a condition that goes beyond empty stomachs, the KnK model also goes beyond feeding.

KnK kitchens are also hubs for community spirit (bayanihan), where parents, volunteers, teachers, school and community administrators, local government units, private individuals, organizations, and corporate partners are all essential for the KnK model to work.

Through KnK Care Kitchens, we build caring communities for our young. It is where lunchboxes or plates don’t just contain meals, but also carry the commitment to care together until no child is left hungry. And as for the kids, each meal builds hope - that because we are ending their hunger today, they can start imagining tomorrow.

Click below to give to this program or scroll down the page to view individual fundraisers organized by our volunteers to support the Be a Hunger Warrior campaign. $85 is what it takes to feed each child a nutritious meal for 120 days.

GK USA Be a Hunger Warrior Fundraisers

KnK Care Kitchens: the numbers

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