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Coming Together: GK Chicago Cares

GK Chicago thinks of it as giving back, being a good neighbor, and valuing community --- the very principles that drive the mission they hold dear in their hearts.  That mission is Gawad Kalinga, a Filipino term which means "to give care."

What better way and time to show that spirit?

Area Director Leslie Tiquia shared how the community came together for a common cause. Gina Villaluz donated homemade masks. Other kindhearted souls, Joe and Elizabeth Foss, distributed face shields. Care Plus Nursing and Rehab, Inc. took care of the alcohol for the COVID items packed in bags donated by TFC. Aeron Lancero of Minta Restaurant provided “Newtritions” meals at cost, so they could be served to healthcare workers.

In an effort to spread goodwill, Filipino community youth leaders, Everett Icao and Jean Gavina, collaborated and formed ChiFilAm duo. They delivered protective gear and sweet treats from Jennivie’s Bakery to: Chicago Police Department 19, postal workers of Mt. Prospect, and many heroes in the healthcare sector.  Alex and Marisol Balbarin, students of Illinois State University, Pita and Ross Rina, Rhea Libunao, Diane and Jeff Santos were welcomed by the recipients of these goods wherever they went, expressing appreciation for the thoughtful gestures. 

Truly, community spirit reigns in GK Chicago. 

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