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Social Business & Productivity

Empowering the fight against hunger through Community Food Farms

Gawad Kalinga works to develop the country's next entrepreneurs through the Community Food Farms program. GK also collects data from its network of communities to inform community-specific projects that donors can fund.

Enabling the poor with the right tools, training, and guidance will transform the majority of our capital into productive, self-sufficient members of our society.
GK is focusing on three of the most marginalized segments of our society: the farmers, fisherfolk, and blue-collar workers.

These worker segments have varying needs but GK focuses on what it will take for them to be profitable and independent. It may come in the form of start-up capital to buy raw materials and equipment, or in
the form of additional skills training and certification, or connecting them to the right market.

Your contribution will support efforts to empower these developing communities to own their path out of poverty.

Social Business and Productivity Programs

Community Food Farms

Each community food farm aims to grow 200 kilograms of vegetables ever 35 to 40 days. Be a part of a solution to hunger.

North Cotobato Productivity Hub

The North Cotabato Productivity Hub - a pioneering effort to implement various anti-poverty interventions.

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