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Hope Remains as Kindness Grows

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

There was fear. Extreme sadness. Even anger. No one was spared. For a time, most may have felt lost. But the glimpse of hope remained. Yes it did, for Gawad Kalinga.

As Covid-19 pursued its course, in almost everywhere and anywhere, the Philippines got caught in a web of hunger and uncertainties. More than ever, the poor cried for food. GK was vigilant. It responded not only with care but with full action thru its operation “Walang Iwanan, Walang Hawaan.” (Leave No One Behind, Leave Covid Behind)

As Gawad Kalinga’s arm in the US, GK USA heeded the call for support. On March 22, 2020, GK USA publicly appealed for help. With hope abounding, GK USA pledged to raise $180,000.00 for food assistance. There were a lot of challenges since its very own supporters were just as affected by the pandemic. Gradually, the plea for help for the less privileged echoed and many heard.

By April, GK USA sent the first batch of funds. Assistance is being provided thru food packs or cash transfers for areas where distribution of goods is not possible. The food aid reached different GK villages and poor communities in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao who are most in need. The food pack varies depending on the availability of food supplies at the given location. Normally, it consists of rice, canned goods, noodles, eggs, coffee, with each pack providing food for a family for a week.

As donations were received and remittances continued, GK USA supporters were able to feed 10,382 families, averaging 4 members per family.Food distribution and cash transfers are still scheduled for the coming months.

Indeed, kindness grew and by July, GK USA surpassed its goal with $197,000.00 in donations. But the work seems to have just started as those suffering from hunger due to the deadly virus may have already doubled. GK persists to be vigilant. GK believes that hope will remain and that kindness will continue to grow.

If you'd like to see a detailed description of the food provisions given, please check out these numbers below.

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